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Epiphany Integrative Mental Health

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Counseling for women, medical professionals, first responders, and other high achievers.

Mental Health Realized

“I know things are fine so why do I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop?”

So let me break it down for you.  You are successful in your career, have some meaningful relationships, and feel like you have nothing really to complain about... except that thing you never talk about.

BUT you are still feeling totally alone, misunderstood, and out of control.

It doesn’t matter how many compliments you get on your performance you feel like a fraud.  You are constantly just trying not to be “found out” for not being good enough. 

Seriously? Am I just that broken?”

Your partner is frustrated with you because you're never really happy.    Of course you wish you could tell them how hard it is to even get out of bed in the morning– let alone put on enough of a front to keep them from asking all... those... questions.  

If only their requests weren’t so… reasonable.   

You’ve stopped trying to put yourself out there because no one gets you.   For crying out loud you don’t even get you. 

Let’s be real though, the truth is you really don’t want to try to explain because you know if they knew the whole story they might never look at you the same way again.  

The cracks aren't just showing... 

today they are swallowing you whole.

You can’t keep yourself from crying at home or at work, when you were so good at hiding it before.  Your partner sees you lose it at the littlest things and you just don't have the energy to hide anything.  The more you try to get your control back, the more it slips away. 

Now imagine a world where you are NOT 

chased in your dreams.

One where you can confidently and easily

navigate day to day adulting.

On the other side, you will be able to have greater control over your life and feel confident in handling the day to day.   You can understand yourself better and instead of an inner critic you will have a compassionate friend.  You can finally feel peace, calm, and in control.  


Two people of color one male one female calmly doing yoga together

Hack your nervous system 

to get real results.


A woman choosing a path

Control your reactions and start choosing how

to respond.


A woman excited in nature

Create a new story and live as your

authentic self.

Professional Headshot of Therapist. Female in her 30s.

Hi, Beth Johnson (LPC) here! 


I help professionals and women to feel more in control of themselves and stop doubting themselves in their relationships and careers. 


I have a halfway decent sense of humor (I’d have to with this hairdo, right!?) and always have two or more caffeinated or carbonated drinks at the ready.  I love squishy faced animals so be warned my English Bulldog, Sigmund Freud, might make an uninvited appearance in session.  Just in case you were wondering, no, he doesn’t hike with me... yet but this summer he is learning how to ride on my SUP board.   


As a professional achievement-driven person, you are no stranger to high stress both at work and at home.  On the outside you look like you have it together but you are constantly being undermined by your own inner critic.  You know that perfectionist inside got you where you are today but it also steals any possibility of enjoying what you have. 


At the end of the day you don’t deserve to live a partial or unfulfilling life undermined & sabotaged by the things that happened in the past.   We will journey together from scratching your head (or banging it on the desk) to confidence and pride.  You will see yourself no longer reacting but carefully responding and choosing how to move forward.  

What if you could experience...


Experience real physiological calm and know how to do it yourself


Choose who in the hell you wanna be!   ...and what you want to do.


Feel confident in yourself and believe the compliments of others


Experience a gentle understanding and a deep respect for who you are today

If you are “sweet but psycho” let’s get started!

I don't bite.

Contact me today to set up a FREE consultation or get more information.


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